We’re proud to have contributed to the completion of the P144 Projects for Lendlease, particularly the $492 million Mental Health Beds Expansion Program.  

The Wamarra team played a collaborative role in delivering this community initiative.  

Our people brought their expertise to the project through diverse landscaping contributions, including topsoil installation, hardscape surfaces, demolition, concrete and paving work, irrigation, fencing, bollards, signage, and more.  

Projects like this create great outcomes for locals, both for those using the service and those working on its delivery. Large-scale sustainable contracts create valuable opportunities for our Aboriginal workforce, with this project seeing our team contribute over 6,575 hours. 

We’re pleased to have played a part in strengthening healthcare infrastructure, providing relief to emergency departments and spaces for those who need immediate support. With ever-rising demand, the state government has swiftly introduced an additional 144 mental health beds, with the aim of supporting around 2,500 individuals annually.  

Thank you to all those involved, from our client to our skilled crew.


Wamarra has undertaken a project that encompasses the construction of a state-of-the-art Steady State Turning Facility for the Department of Defence, which provided 1300 hours of Aboriginal engagement for our workforce. 

The project included the replacement of deteriorated pavement, the development of a vehicle wash facility, and the reconstruction of east and west car parks.  

  • Wamarra replaced 20,000 square meters of deteriorated pavement, adhering to strict gradient and surface requirements. 
  • Car park reconstruction: east and west car parks were revamped with robust concrete pavement and precise line markings. 
  • Vehicle wash facility: supplied and installed a triple arrestor, facilitating vehicle maintenance. 

Our team overcame challenges, including unsuitable subgrade and adverse weather conditions. They collaborated with the Department of Defence to maintain access to testing facilities and ensured safety during interactions with high-speed test vehicles during this significant project. 



Transforming Bulleen Park & Ride into an eco-friendly oasis. 

This transportation hub has become Melbourne’s first dedicated busway, with Wamarra undertaking the landscaping works.  

The renovated station now features a remarkable 5,000 square meter green roof, with 10,000 newly planted trees and shrubs, creating an enhanced environment for commuters.  

We ensured sustainability by installing an efficient irrigation and waterproof membrane system while topsoil and mulch support plant growth and minimise ecological impact. 

As a socially responsible business, we’re proud this project delivered our Aboriginal workforce 800 hours of employment in a culturally safe and inclusive environment. 

Fusing functionality with sustainability, Wamarra’s landscaping package has elevated the bus station into a vibrant eco-friendly hub that will provide long term benefits to the growing local community.  

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Wamarra transformed Bell and Preston train stations with stunning landscaping as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project.

For our workforce, this project offered over 14,500 hours of Aboriginal participation and was completed 24 hours ahead of schedule.

Contracted by John Holland, Wamarra’s scope of work included:

  • 11,000m2 of concrete – exposed aggregate and E-Mesh SUP
  • Retaining wall construction, road works, furniture installation with seats, bins and play equipment (Urban Profile)
  • Soil and mulch installation and planting.

Starting with Murray Rd, then Cramer St before finishing with Bell St, the entire open space has been connected by walking and cycling paths. The landscaping included native grasses, flowering varieties and thousands of trees, revitalising the entire area.

The amazing team, alongside John Holland, have created an inviting and eco-friendly space for commuters and the community to enjoy.

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Located on the Hurstbridge line in Victoria, Wattle Glen Station serves the north-eastern Melbourne community.

As part of this station precinct parking upgrade, we’ve made commuting safer and easier. Wamarra was engaged to expand the car park, construct a shared path, and improve lighting, CCTV coverage and bicycle facilities. 

With a focus on providing meaningful, long-term employment for Indigenous people, while minimising our impact on the environment, Wamarra made the most of sustainable materials and practices available to us for the project and invited local community members to be part of the 30-strong team.

We’re extremely proud that our Indigenous workforce contributed 4,800 hours to this project, totalling 40% of our project participation.  

Throughout the project, our carbon footprint was reduced using recycled crushed concrete, 20% RAP asphalt and recycled wheel stops and mulch. When we unexpectedly encountered asbestos on site, we were quick to halt work, contain the site and engage qualified removalists, minimising risk to our team and the community. 

With greater capacity for park-and-ride commuting and a safer, more inviting environment for pedestrians and cyclists, our efforts have delivered a station the Wattle Glen community can be proud of. 

The project was completed with the Level Crossing Removal Project and funded by the Victorian Government.



Wamarra was engaged by Symal Infrastructure to deliver a series of works on the Hallam North and Heatherton Road Upgrade project for Major Road Projects Victoria (MRPV) as part of Victoria’s Big Build.  

These are the kind of civil and landscaping solutions we like to deliver. From building the site compound to managing the water and sewer works, service proving through to soft landscaping for a scenic completion for the local community.  

This major infrastructure project has provided our people with an ongoing and diverse range of construction work throughout the two-year lifecycle.


Transforming the Werribee landscape at Werribee and Cherry Streets. Wamarra delivered the landscaping packages within the Werribee Street and Cherry Street level crossing removal projects.
Whether we’re building recreational spaces, playgrounds or parks, creating walkways and garden paths lined with blooming bushes and luscious greenery, our landscaping construction helps communities everywhere get the most out of their spaces.



Wamarra has delivered on another major Level Crossing Removal Project, further strengthening the profile of Aboriginal employees in the construction industry.

Carrying out community consultation, which helped to shape the designs and native landscaping for the brand new recreational and multi-purpose public spaces at Girdwood Avenue and Woorayl Street Reserve. Wamarra built 27 new car parking spaces along Egan Street to encourage local commuters, shoppers and residents to shop locally and support the local businesses of Carnegie.


We constructed our first car park at Cardinia Road Station in Pakenham, as part of the Cardinia Road Level Crossing Removal Project. We’ve installed an additional 300 spaces at the bustling precinct to accommodate much needed parking infrastructure. The new carpark also includes six accessible parking spots, CCTV, lighting and footpaths making travel safer and more convenient for drivers.

This milestone project was delivered using internal resources, with specialist packages subcontracted to specialist trades. Scope of works delivered internally includes demolition works, earthworks, subgrade preparation, drainage, pavements, shared user paths, and landscaping preparation.


Wamarra were engaged to undertake a soft landscaping scope of works within the Bell to Moreland Level Crossing Removal Project.  We undertook the softscape work (gardens and lawns) by Symal, integrating into their team whilst they constructed the hardscape works (basketball court, skate park, seating etc.). One of the many jobs where Wamarra work alongside Symal on the same site to provide community and social benefits.

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