Wamarra reaches one year milestone

This February marks the one-year anniversary of the launch of Wamarra.

From the beginning, our mission was to forge a pathway for real change in the construction industry where Aboriginal and Indigenous people are not only included but can thrive.

We’re so grateful for the support and response to our business and extremely proud of our team and how much they’ve grown in 12 months.

We set out to employ at least 20 Aboriginal people for roles in our business and we’re beyond proud to announce that we’ve exceeded that, with 23 currently on board.

We build

Wamarra is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘to build’ and that’s exactly what we’ve done. Together, we’ve completed site establishment works, fencing, hoarding and carpentry on road and rail projects for the Level Crossing Removal project, North East Link, Major Roads Hallam Road upgrade, Mooroolbark MLCP, as well as Sunshine Hospital, Chisholm Road Prison and Youth Justice Redevelopment to name a few.

“Winning work on projects like the Chisholm Road project in Lara VIC has allowed Wamarra to employ more people and has provided a training ground for our employees to gain new skills in a range of construction areas,” Managing Director, Hayden Heta says.

“We’ve created pathways for people who otherwise might have struggled to gain this sort of employment and experience, enabling us to provide meaningful and sustainable careers.”

We dream

We’re passionate about each person’s success and invest in our people so that together, we change lives.

We’re not just offering a job. At Wamarra, we’re offering a culturally safe and inclusive environment for Aboriginal people to grow and thrive. In 2020, we launched our Bulabul program that focuses on leadership skill development, ensuring ongoing opportunities for our employees.

Site-based training and learning on the job from more experienced crews also increases individual capability and provides more meaningful career pathways in the industry.

As one of the first employees of Wamarra, Allan Norris has grown with the company over the course of 2020. With eight years of carpentry experience under his belt before joining, Allan was ready to take the next step in his career, he just needed the right opportunity.

“Not only have I grown in my ability as a carpenter, but I’ve also gained complementary skills in various civil works on the Chisholm Road project and developed new skills as a leader. I’ve always been shy but now I feel more confident to speak up. This has helped in my personal life as well,” says Allan.

After taking part in the Bulabul leadership training, Allan took away more knowledge on how to be a better leader and has stepped up in his promotion to Team Leader, a move he would never have considered previously.

“It normally takes me a while to open up and get me out of my shell but being identified as a leader and being given more responsibility has changed my mind and I’ve really enjoyed the challenge. I feel supported by Hayden and the team.”


We deliver

Over the last year, we’ve delivered quality project outcomes and solutions for our clients. Expanding our capabilities to include carpentry and plumbing, our team of skilled plant operators, electricians, concreters and labourers cover the full spectrum of civil contracting.

We’re securing new projects in defence and landscaping, supporting Tier 1 and 2 civil works.

Each project win ensures the sustainable employment opportunities of our team with everything they need to grow and succeed.

We’re excited for what this next year brings and look forward to delivering continued quality and developing our team to dream even bigger and better.