Stronger Together – R U OK? Day

Our peoples share a special connection through our cultures, communities, and shared experiences. From the beginning, our mission has been to forge a pathway for real change where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are not only included but can thrive in their workplace and at home in their communities.

The camaraderie amongst our team is a force to be reckoned with and is the key to building a collaborative and productive culture where we all enjoy working and achieving goals together.

“Hayden and the boys are very welcoming. There’s always a positive vibe and energy and, the fellas are always smiling. Having a conversation with the team is easy and management’s door is always open.” Says Sam.

R U OK? Day is a reminder to put our mental health first and check in on our mob, after we check in with ourselves first.

“Hayden is the only manager I’ve worked for who checks up on us during the week, sees how I’m going personally, see how the family is going, and asks how things are outside of work. That’s the foundation of the company – they want to make sure we’re all good.” Says Jarrod.

A simple conversation with a friend, family or colleague could make all the difference to someone struggling. Today, ask your mob, your way, R U OK?

Where can I get help?