Roads Australia Spotlight on Social Procurement

Thanks to Roads Australia for shining a spotlight on social procurement and giving Wamarra the opportunity to share our achievements amongst a room of our clients and supporters. 

In his keynote, Managing Director Hayden Heta, highlighted the positive impact the social procurement framework is having on Aboriginal businesses and individuals, by providing opportunity that would otherwise be hard to access. 

Hayden mentioned, “Our success belongs to the individuals who chose to make a difference for themselves, their families and community by committing to building their careers within our business.”  

It was humbling to share our story and get the chance to thank clients and the broader industry for supporting not only Wamarra but all Aboriginal businesses working in the industry. 

A panel discussion concluded the event with Darren Driscoll, Director – Industrial Relations and Workforce Development, Major Transport Infrastructure Authority and Sharon Gray, Group Manager, Diversity, Indigenous and Social Inclusion and CPB Contractors. 

All speakers emphasised the importance of achieving broader social and economic outcomes, ensuring the legacy of transport projects is more than just a physical piece of infrastructure and numbers on a page – an investment that drives positive change!