Meet our newest Spark student, Sam Warrior

Meet our newest Spark student, Sam Warrior.

Sam comes from the Tiwi Islands, 80 km to the north of Darwin.

He made the move down to Melbourne in 2019 to attend Parade College, that’s when he came across Wamarra. This immediately sparked his interest in us, and we were so excited to take him on for some work experience.

Sam got to see what working at a construction site looks like first-hand out at our Berwick site. He was introduced to the team, learned some basic skills, and assisted us in some soft landscaping.

When asked about his overall experience with Wamarra, he told us it was incredibly positive.

‘The people are so kind, I’d love to come back next term and bring a friend to show them what construction is like.’

We’re so proud that the Spark program left a positive impression on Sam, and we hope to inspire other students for years to come!