Congratulations to our first Bulabul graduates!

May is the month we celebrated the graduation of our first cohort from the Bulabul Development Program. 

Bulabul is a Wiradjuri word meaning ‘Together’. We strongly believe it takes a community to nurture learning and development. We will achieve so much more by working together and leaning on each other. 

As a core part of Wamarra’s mandate to provide meaningful, long-term careers to our Aboriginal team, the Bulabul Development Program has been created to identify and upskill current and emerging leaders of Wamarra.

Bulabul has a strong focus on effective communication and leadership, creating a deep pool of Indigenous talent within the growing Wamarra team and allowing us to identify our future leaders and develop their skills, not only for career progression within the Wamarra team but within the construction industry as a whole. 

Incorporating both onsite and office roles across Wamarra and individually tailored to each participant’s unique skills and needs, each member of the program developed a unique leadership style across a broad range of functions. We identified leadership potential and provided the tools required to promote better decision making, develop confidence in communication and build strong team dynamics in a practical format. 

As part of the program, the participants regularly checked in with the facilitators to ensure they had all the tools and support required to succeed. 

At the conclusion of the program, all participants, facilitators, and members of the senior leadership team came together to hear the graduates’ key takeaways and celebrate this great achievement.  

Congratulations to all who participated. We can’t wait to watch how you implement your new skills and confidence.