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Australia’s First Peoples Connection is strong

Wamarra is delighted to be awarded the contract by Grande Experiences to fit out THE LUME Melbourne, located at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for the new Indigenous-themed, first-of-its-kind cultural experience, Connection: Breathtaking Stories Through First Nations Art and Music.

The Connection experience will take visitors on a journey of discovery across Australia, bringing to life the stories, art, and culture of First Nations Peoples through multisensory art and dynamic interactivity.

A perfect partnership

Who better to bring to life the powerfully rich and interactive celebration of Country, culture, and community than those who know it best?

Wamarra was the perfect fit as a proud Aboriginal-owned and operated contractor – a genuine driver of positive change in the construction industry, providing meaningful career opportunities to Indigenous people through sustainable, long-term employment.

Wamarra respects Grande Experiences consideration to partner together to represent the incredible diversity of Australia’s First Nations Peoples, not only in the experience but also in the project’s building.

Out of our comfort zone

This partnership is an exciting opportunity that takes Wamarra out of the typical civil and landscaping comfort zone.

A testament to the expertise of the team to cover the entire construction spectrum and provide solutions for all types of work. Importantly, it gives our people a unique experience to develop their skills further.

When visitors walk through the experience and explore the spiritual connections to land, water and sky through a vibrant and multisensory symphony of sound, light, colour, and aromas, they can know that cultural considerations involving Indigenous peoples have been taken every step of the way.

Cultural pride

This experience honours the vital contribution that First Nations artists make to Australia’s design, arts and cultural landscape, and Wamarra is delighted that ethos extends to the craftsmanship of the exhibition build.

Thanks to Grande Experiences for conceiving, creating and producing an immersive celebration of traditional and contemporary Indigenous art and culture for Australians.

We’re proud to be building better together.