A Shared Meal is a Shared Life: Celebrating NAIDOC Week with Kup Murri​

This NAIDOC Week, we came together to celebrate and share Aboriginal culture as one, holding our annual Kup Murri on the lands of the Wadawurrung people. Over 200 people gathered, giving us the opportunity to share our Aboriginal cultural traditions with non-Indigenous people as part of Symal Group’s broader Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) commitment to driving change.

The celebrations included native food tastings, an interactive artistic workshop with Uncle Richard Young, storytelling through traditional dance from the Koori Youth Will Shake Spears, and our Kup Murri lunch, a ground oven-cooked feast!

This year’s NAIDOC Week theme – Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud – celebrates the unyielding spirit of our communities and calls for solidarity, amplifying voices that have long been unheard. 

The spirit of NAIDOC Week embodies the essence of unity, culture, and shared experiences. Our Kup Murri was more than just a meal; it was a powerful expression of cultural pride and community solidarity. We are grateful for the opportunity to honour the traditions of our people and to bridge cultural gaps through such meaningful events.

As we look to the future, we continue to support and uplift Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices, ensuring that these traditions are preserved and celebrated for generations to come.